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Born and raised in Albuquerque, NM owner Shandy Kelly has a special place in her heart for New Mexicans. She attended UNM and received her professional training at TVI, currently CNM. Being able to serve her community in such a unique way has brought her joy the past 18 years.  She has had many professional titles working in the local ultrasound community. Starting in the hospital setting scanning every possible internal organ, trauma, pain, joint, skin lesion and the occasional baby the doctors could throw at her, her desire to be in the obstetric world kept growing.  After five years she decided to move into private practice and follow her dreams of specializing in OB. There is something satisfying about evaluating the pregnant uterus and baby, making sure there are no abnormalities all while the baby is moving around in mommy's tummy. Although challenging, being able to reassure parents their newest addition is safe in their current environment, and will be successful in their future environment is extremely fulfilling. Since 2008, the female reproductive system has been her main focus and women's health has come to the forefront of her professional world.  She has recently joined forces with the team of great instructors at CNM teaching the DMS (diagnostic medical sonography) students. This has brought a breath of fresh air into her career watching the excitement in the student's eyes the first time they hold a transducer, to graduation day as they become employed sonographers on their own. Owning her own Ultrasound studio has been a dream of hers for many years now. Finally in 2020 (ironic considering all we went through) the opportunity to open up her own studio became a reality. Planning, orchestrating, envisioning and daydreaming the past few years all paid off. With a great location, inviting atmosphere, top of the line technology, and comfortable environment patients will enjoy the experience and leave highly confident in the professional services they receive. Whether its diagnostic imaging at Ultrasound Specialists of NM, or an elective ultrasound at Mom-To-Be 3D/4D, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. 


I'M A 

I have five beautiful children, four boys and one girl and one amazing grandchild. Two have already graduated HS and are pursuing their professional careers. My three school-aged kiddos keep me busy with their extra-curricular activities. If I'm not at the studio, you can find me on the court, or on the field. Baby Malakai is my new side-kick, keeping GiGi on her toes. They all bring joy to my life and I find it an honor to be their mom. 

I love creating, developing and designing. If there is a need for it I enjoy making it come to life. Coming from a long line of business owners, I have an entrepreneurial mind-set. Because of this I love supporting local and small businesses.  DM for a collab :) 


I enjoy being active and playing sports. To say that I'm extremely competitive is an understatement . Soccer is my numero uno, but you can also find me on the volleyball courts, softball fields, or at the gym. The water is my where my soul belongs, living in NM all I have is Elephant Butte. You'll find me there most of the summer.

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