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SEA ME - $50

Starting at 5 weeks 5 Days we can estimate due date and check for viability early in first trimester.


  • Short video of baby's heartbeat 

  • Fetal heart rate

  • Estimated Due Date

  • Growth of baby

  • Check for twin pregnancy 

  • 5 - 7 printed 2D black and white  images.

  • 15 - 20 images emailed to you   AFTER 12 WEEKS for    Peace of MIND: 2D black and white, no 3D imaging 

  • Fetal position (3rd trimester only)

  • Fluid check

  • Viability

  • $35 off  the purchase of any 3D/4D/HD package to use in the future 

**additional fees if too early to see baby utilizing ultrasound on top of belly 

**3D or HD color photo may be added up to week 16 for an additional $10

**additional fee for twin gestation


 PLAYDATE - $175

Watch your little flipper  swim for 20 minutes on our 75" big screen. This ultrasound is a great way to play with the little babe before physically meeting them. This exam includes:

  • Short video of baby's heartbeat

  • Fetal Heart Rate

  • Hear baby's heartbeat upon request

  • 7 - 10 printed 2D black and white images 

  • Two  printed 3D or HD Color images 

  • FREE - Estimated Fetal Weight and growth curve 

  • FREE - 75+ images emailed to you

  • FREE - Gender verification

  • FREE -  gift supplied by collaborating vendors (a $40 value)

**additional fee for twin gestation

3D Ultrasound image


  • $40 - Livestream option  Please give us at least 48 hours notice to set this up and get your friends and family members the proper links to login to  join our livestream. FREE for military families stationed away from home. 

  • $15 Estimated Fetal Weight and Growth Curve

  • $35 Heartbeat necklaces 

  • $ 35 Heartbeat Animals 

  • $15 Gender Reveal Cannons

  • $25 video recording of entire ultrasound emailed to you (please let us know before the exam if you'd like this).

  • $15 Heartbeat audio embedded within video

  • $10 Heartbeat audio only - no video. Recording audio file keepsake is emailed to you.  

  • $15 flash drive of images and videos available upon request

  • $10 each -  3D/4D or HD color image added to any 3D package  (QS, PD, or WOD Package).

  • NEW 8K PHOTO ENHANCEMENTS $25 for 1   $40 for 2  - you choose the images to be enhanced, images will be emailed to you after editing is complete. 

** Ask about our referral program and military / first responder discounts. 

** Follow us on social media for coupons and giveaways



Gender determination starting at 13 weeks This is a 10-15 minute 2D, 3D, 4D, and HD ultrasound to evaluate baby's gender (up to week 21).


  • 5 - 7 printed 2D black and white images 

  • One 3D or HD color image printed

  • 20 - 30 images emailed to you 

  • A gender pic

  • Short video of baby's heartbeat

  • Hear baby's heartbeat upon request

  • Fetal heart rate

  • FREE - growth check 

  • FREE - Gender reveal stamp and envelope upon request

  • $25 off  the purchase of any 3D/4D/HD package to use in the future 

**additional fee for twin gestation




Lay back, relax and enjoy a 30-minute video starring your one and only. You'll be mesmerized as their little personality unfolds before your eyes. Thumb sucking, hiccupping, practice breathing and swimming in their interim home. This package includes:

  • Short video of baby's heartbeat

  • Multiple Short videos of baby (ex: facial expressions, yawning, thumb sucking or legs moving, mommy's choice), INCLUDING 4D/HD Live videos  

  • 10 + printed  black and white images

  • FOUR - 3D or HD color  images printed

  • 100+  images emailed to you, including color 3D and HD still  images, and video clips in 4D/HD and silhouette imaging. These 2-3 second clips catch baby yawning, kicking, swallowing , thumb sucking etc....

  • FREE Estimated Fetal Weight and growth curve

  • FREE  VIDEO - we are the ONLY elective studio in town capable of recording the entire session. After editing we email it to you to keep FOREVER  

  • FREE - Heartbeat Audio included in video. This is the most precious keepsake ❤❤ ($40 Value) 

  • BOGO FREE - 8K image enhancements.  Buy one for $25 and we'll add a 2nd one for free ($15 Value)

  • FREE - Post-Partum Body Contouring Session. This treatment utilizes high frequency ultrasonic waves to help increase lymphatic circulation. We do these in our office. Specials for MomToBe clients ($100 Value)

  • FREE gifts supplied by collaborating vendors and coupons to local businesses serving pregnant women 

**additional fee for twin gestation

HD Live image


The Quick Surf  is a 3D/4D HD Live FOCUSED ultrasound package. This mini session is a 10-15 just imaging baby in 3D/4D/ HD Live. No images are printed with this package, however, all images (30-50)  are sent to you electronically via email. Don't forget to ask to have the entire session recorded for a fabulous keepsake. 

  • Short video of baby's heartbeat

  • Fetal Heart Rate

  • Hear baby's heartbeat upon request (additional fee for recording keepsake)

  • 30-50 images emailed to you

  • Verify gender

  • See Add-Ons for additional options

**additional fee for twin gestation



  • Before 14 weeks please have a full bladder

  • For best results, 3D packages should be done 24-36 weeks. 

  • Drink at least 64 ounces of water per day starting 3 days before appt for optimal imaging in the 2nd and 3rd trimester. 

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